E8 Funding’s 2024: A Year of Innovation and Growth

02 Jan, 2024

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E8 Funding’s 2024: A Year of Innovation and Growth

As we step into the year 2024, we at E8 would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your choice to trade with us. Your dedication to trading has been a significant part of our year, and we are grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us.

Your commitment and individual approach have not only contributed to your personal success but have also been a source of inspiration for our entire community. We are proud to have been a part of your trading journey, offering a platform where ambition meets opportunity.

Reflecting on a Remarkable 2023:

  • Empowering Over 120,000 Traders: E8 Funding demonstrated a steadfast dedication to exceptional support, effectively addressing the needs and challenges of over 120,000 traders.
  • Welcoming 5,000+ New E8 Traders: The E8 platform saw a significant influx of new E8 traders, each proving their dedication through our evaluation programs.
  • Celebrating Over $22 Million in Payouts: The year was marked by the significant achievement of distributing over $22 million in payouts, acknowledging the exceptional talent, ambition, and hard work exhibited by our traders.

E8’s Top Performers of 2023

  • Artur Z. (United States): + $196,333
  • Gustavo Z. (United States): + $166,311
  • Andrew B. (Singapore): + $148,306
  • Gasen M. (United States): + $146,216
  • Seong H. (South Korea): + $137,961

As we welcome the New Year, E8 is set to embark on a journey marked by significant growth and exciting changes. Our commitment is not just to meet your trading needs but to exceed them. 

Embracing an Exciting 2024:

  • Custom Evaluation Program: E8 Funding will offer traders the ability to customize their trading conditions, enhancing control over profit target, balances, drawdowns, and much more, fostering a more individualized trading setup.
  • Hedge Fund & Embracing Opportunities: Securing a hedge fund license under SEC registration, we’re now seeking talented data analysts, quantitative traders, and data scientists to join our expanding team.
  • Website Enhancement: Our website will see an upgrade, aimed at providing improved user interaction, offering a more intuitive and engaging process.
  • Advanced Trading Platform: The trading platform will be significantly upgraded, featuring new, sophisticated tools for an enhanced trading experience.
  • E8 Discord Community: A dedicated Discord channel is being launched promoting active market discussions among traders and E8 experts.
  • New E8’s Affiliate Program: We’re revolutionizing our affiliate program into an innovative model that will redefine how brand ambassadors are rewarded. Affiliates, watch out for forthcoming updates!

Gratitude and Wishes for 2024

We thank you for your unwavering faith in E8. Your support is the cornerstone of our innovation. Here’s to a year filled with breakthroughs, growth, and shared prosperity in our trading endeavors.

Cheers to a successful and prosperous 2024!

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