400K Account Holiday Offer: Trade Big with E8!

19 Dec, 2023

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400K Account Holiday Offer: Trade Big with E8!

We’re thrilled to announce a season of exceptional opportunities at E8! In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve introduced exciting new additions to our holiday offers, designed to significantly uplift your experience with us. These offers are not just good; they’re unmissable.

Introducing a special offer

Get ready to transform your trading journey with these outstanding bonuses, available with the code ‘BESMART‘:

  • Access to the $400K Account on E8 Track: Back by popular demand, we are offering our largest account yet. This $400K account is designed to empower you to trade on a much grander scale, opening doors to new possibilities and achievements.
  • Reduced Profit Targets: We understand the importance of attainable goals in trading. Therefore, we’ve revised the profit targets on E8 Track to a more achievable 5/5/5 format, replacing the former 8/5/5 setup. This adjustment, applicable upon using the promo, is our way of supporting you in ending the year on a high note.
  • An Additional Bonus: Enjoy a 10% discount as part of this holiday promotion.

Remember, this promotional offer is valid until 31.12.2023, so make sure to seize this opportunity while it lasts.

Why These Bonuses Matter

These enhanced bonuses are not just promotional offers; they represent a pivotal step forward in your endeavors. Whether you are aiming to achieve higher returns with the expansive $400K account or looking to meet your targets with greater ease, E8 is here to back your trading aspirations.

The festive period is an ideal time for traders, both seasoned and new, to expand their horizons with E8. Our offerings are meticulously crafted to align with your goals and aspirations.

Here’s How You Can Get Started:

  1. Log In: Access your account on E8X.
  2. Choose Your Account Size: Select the E8 Track account size that suits your trading strategy the best.
  3. Apply the Code: Enter ‘BESMART’ to activate these exclusive benefits.
  4. Embrace the Advantages: Enjoy the perks of lowered profit targets, aiding your journey to becoming a proficient E8 Trader.

As we bid farewell to this year, it’s the perfect time to enhance your trading potential. These new opportunities are tailored to equip you with the necessary tools and confidence, propelling you into 2024 ready for success in trading.

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