E8 Pro V.1: Built For Traders, By Traders

03 May, 2024

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E8 Pro V.1: Built For Traders, By Traders

We, at E8 Markets, understand the struggles faced by aspiring traders. The pressure of daily drawdown limits in traditional models can be immense. One bad day, even amidst a strong overall performance, can lead to losing an account, wiping out your progress. It’s frustrating and discourages calculated risk-taking, hindering your long-term growth.

That’s why we put our heads together and came up with E8 Pro V.1 – a revolutionary program designed to empower you, the trader. It’s a complete game changer that provides the breathing room you need to edge your skills and build a sustainable trading career.

New E8 Pro V.1 Objectives: What’s Different

We’ve listened closely to your feedback, analyzed your pain points, and identified the areas where traditional models fall short. That’s why we’ve reimagined our evaluation program with E8 Pro V.1. Here are the changes we’ve made to pave your path to success:

● One-Phase Evaluation, Streamlined Success

E8 Pro V.1 eliminates the complexities of multi-phase evaluations. With our 1-Phase system, achieving the program objectives listed below and adhering to all program rules makes you immediately eligible for your E8 Trader Stage. This means no additional hurdles – successfully complete the program, and you’re ready to start trading and earning as an E8 Trader.

● The 2% Daily Pause: Protecting Your Progress

E8 Pro V.1 introduces the revolutionary concept of a “2% Daily Pause.”  Hitting your daily drawdown limit no longer leads to a rule violation. Instead, trading simply pauses for the rest of the day. This protects your existing profits and gives you a chance to regroup and come back stronger tomorrow, free from the stress of a single mistake terminating your account.

● Managing Risks: 8% Maximum Drawdown

The 8% Maximum Initial Balance Drawdown acts as a safety net for the entire evaluation period.  Even with the daily pause, if your cumulative losses reach 8% of your starting balance, the evaluation will end.  However, the 2% daily pause ensures that you have multiple opportunities to recover before reaching this point.

● Reaching Your Goal of 8% Profit Target

The E8 Pro V.1 evaluation program requires you to achieve an 8% profit target on your simulated trading account. But here’s the twist – we want to see consistent growth, not reckless risk-taking.

● Daily Profit Cap: Stay Consistent

To discourage risky behavior and promote sustainable trading habits, we’ve implemented a “Daily Maximum Profit Cap.” This limits your daily profit to 2% of your initial balance. Instead of aiming for extreme profits in a single trade, you can achieve your 8% target with consistent, well-planned trades over several days (potentially 4 days with 2% profit each).

E8 Pro V.1 simplifies the evaluation process. Unlike traditional models with multiple phases, this is a one-phase program. Once you achieve the 8% profit target while adhering to all other program rules, you’ll gain access to your very own E8 Trader Stage Account and start earning your payout share up to 4 times a month! Now with only 7-days period for receiving payments.

For a complete breakdown of program objectives, rules, and prohibited strategies, visit our comprehensive FAQ section “E8 Pro”.

The E8 Pro: Innovation and Affordability

We’re not just offering another evaluation program – we’re redefining the experience. With E8 Pro V.1, you get the safety net of daily pauses, the focus on consistent growth, and a streamlined path to the E8 Trader Stage. And the best part? Experience this game-changing program on a $100,000 E8 Pro Account for the competitive price of $398.

Experience the Next Generation of Trading with E8 Pro

The 2% Daily Pause isn’t just about protecting you from losses; it’s about providing the breathing room to learn and adapt.  Furthermore, the one-phase evaluation with a focus on consistency paves the way for a faster journey to your E8 Trader account.  And to sweeten the deal, we’ve even reduced the payout period for E8 accounts to a mere 7 days!

E8 Pro V.1 is just the beginning! We’re constantly striving to improve the trader experience.  Each month, based on your valuable feedback, we’ll introduce a new, enhanced version of E8 Pro. This ensures we stay at the forefront of innovation, constantly adapting to your needs.

Are you ready to embark on a trading journey designed for your success? Join the E8 Pro V.1 and unlock your full trading potential. Get started today!

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