The Rise and Fall of the Gold Standard

06 Dec, 2023

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The Rise and Fall of the Gold Standard

You may be aware of fiat money, which is a currency not backed by physical assets but rather by the public’s confidence in it. In contrast, there was an era when the principal basis of the world’s leading currencies was the Gold Standard. So, what exactly is the Gold Standard?

The Gold Standard is a monetary system thoughtfully designed to establish a strong link between a nation’s currency and gold. Essentially, this system involves the government setting a fixed exchange rate for its currency, defining the terms at which it engages in the buying and selling of gold, thereby forging a direct connection with the precious metal.

The Origins of the Gold Standard

Historically, the bond between gold and currency has been a fundamental aspect of our societies, dating back to ancient times. Gold, treasured for its intrinsic value and suitability for coin making, has long been significant in finance. The Gold Standard, however, specifically refers to the explicit tie of paper currency to gold. This concept was officially adopted in 1821 when Great Britain established the system.

Fascinatingly, the roots of this decision can be traced back to Sir Isaac Newton. Serving as the Master of The Royal Mint, he set the gold-to-silver exchange rate unusually high over a century before 1821. This led to the widespread redemption of silver coins for gold, which were then melted down and exported by merchants.

The Decline of the Gold Standard

It may disappoint you, but this system is no longer in practice anywhere in the world, meaning no current currency is directly tied to gold. The United States began limiting its use of the Gold Standard in 1933, eventually abandoning it entirely in 1971 under President Nixon’s directive. Interestingly, Switzerland maintained the Gold Standard until as late as 1999, after which they concluded that their currency no longer required backing by gold.


The Gold Standard serves as an effective defense against inflation, curbing the ability of governments and banks to tamper with the money supply. It also contributes to stabilizing exchange rates with other currencies. Additionally, the benefits of the Gold Standard extend to bolstering financial credibility and promoting fiscal responsibility.


Picture a scenario where major global currencies are tied to gold. This would trigger a surge in gold purchases, outpacing supply and drastically hiking gold prices. Such an increase would not only affect markets but also technology sectors that heavily rely on gold. Moreover, the system proves rigid during economic downturns, lacking the flexibility needed for economic stimulation. These factors contribute to the unlikelihood of the Gold Standard’s comeback in modern times.


Although this system has played an important role in history, it seems doubtful that any nation will revert to this system in the foreseeable future. The contemporary global economy has progressed, with central banks now employing more advanced methods to handle monetary policy, such as adjusting interest rates, conducting open market operations, and implementing quantitative easing. These methods bring a heightened level of adaptability to economic management, thus diminishing its prospects of return.

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