A Remarkable Journey of Resilience and Success

04 Jan, 2024

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A Remarkable Journey of Resilience and Success

At just 23 years old, Nathan Hodson from the United Kingdom, has a trading story that reads like a rollercoaster of determination, setbacks, and eventual triumph. In 2019, at the age of 19, Nathan stepped into the world of currency trading, armed with entrepreneurial experience and a £15,000 starting capital. He embarked on his journey with a unique approach, shunning the conventional rules that often bind the world or trading.

Early Triumphs and Teachable Setbacks

Nathan’s initial phase in trading was marked by remarkable success. He managed to double his initial investment to £30,000, which was his introduction to the trading world. This period of prosperity was, however, short-lived. The allure of quick success led to a harsh setback—a significant loss of £15,000 on a EUR/USD trade, serving as a wake-up call and prompting Nathan to reassess his risk management strategies.

Despite the setback, Nathan’s resolve didn’t waver. He experienced another similar loss but remained steadfast in his goal to master trading. This unwavering resolve led Nathan to make significant sacrifices, including selling off his assets, to ensure he could remain dedicated to his trading pursuits.

A Period of Learning

Over the next three years, Nathan’s journey was characterized by continuous learning and adaptation. He explored various systems, faced the challenges of overestimating risk, and encountered setbacks with multiple companies, including blowing out accounts. Yet, his persistence paid off when he achieved significant payouts with E8 Funding.

Nathan’s trading philosophy evolved significantly during this time. He studied the strategies of esteemed fund managers from the 80s and 90s, integrating their methodologies into his approach. This self-taught trader’s journey wasn’t just about learning trading strategies; it was about navigating through life’s unpredictability. In 2022, seeking a change, he moved to Australia but faced daunting challenges, including a depleted bank balance and the stress of debt. Returning to the UK, he found himself starting from scratch.

Rising Above Challenges

Yet, Nathan’s resilience shone through. He took on the E8 challenge and not only passed but also topped the trading leaderboard, making substantial withdrawals that marked his comeback. His story is a testament to the importance of discipline, risk management, and the relentless pursuit of improvement in the volatile realm of trading. His journey, from humble beginnings to success with E8, stands as an inspiring tale for every aspiring trader.

Account Balance

Mastering Market Dynamics with Innovative Tools

Nathan’s current trading style is characterized by day trading, focusing on short-term movements in the market. This approach requires precision and a deep understanding of market dynamics, which he achieves through the use of a custom tool developed in collaboration with Pine Script developers. This innovative tool, designed for TradingView, employs advanced mathematical formulas to accurately identify strategic entry and exit points in the market.

Specializing in EUR/USD: A Focused Approach

Central to Nathan’s trading strategy is his focus on the EUR/USD currency pair. By concentrating on a single pair, he has honed expertise in its specific movements and patterns, which allows for effective risk management and mitigates the fear of missing out on other potential opportunities. This specialization in EUR/USD exemplifies his methodical approach to trading, ensuring a deep familiarity with the pair’s unique characteristics.


When it comes to making trades, Nathan prioritizes understanding the current market conditions, employing sturdy management strategies, and so building a profitable trading system. His risk management strategy involves setting a specific risk limit per day or scaling into trades, which helps in controlling potential losses and managing trade sizes based on market conditions.

Emotional Resilience in Trading

A significant aspect of trading philosophy is his approach to handling emotions, especially during losing trades. He has adapted to the trading environment in such a way that losses do not significantly impact him emotionally. He views these losses as part of the process and adheres strictly to the rules he has set for himself, demonstrating a disciplined and level-headed approach to trading.

Optimized Trading Workstation for Peak Performance

Nathan’s trading workstation is a testament to the seriousness with which he approaches his craft. He operates with a Mac mini, complemented by a 49-inch Samsung curved monitor, and a MacBook Pro, providing him with a powerful and efficient setup for day trading. This professional setup enables him to stay on top of market movements and execute trades with precision and speed.

Nathan’s current trading state is a blend of specialized knowledge, innovative tools, disciplined risk management, and emotional resilience. His focused approach to day trading, particularly on the EUR/USD pair, along with his sophisticated trading setup, positions him as a trader who is deeply committed to mastering the art of currency trading.

Empowering Others: Nathan’s Message to the E8 Community

Nathan’s inspiration to pursue trading is twofold: the potential for financial gain and the challenge presented by the high failure rate in the field. This dual motivation underscores his drive to excel in an industry where many falter, fueled by the lure of monetary rewards and the appeal of overcoming the odds.

For long-term success in trading, Nathan believes the key lies in managing emotions and maintaining a strong self-belief. He emphasizes that the mental and psychological aspects of trading are as crucial as technical skills. His philosophy suggests that success in trading is not just about market knowledge and strategy but also about cultivating the right mindset.

Essential Attributes of a Successful Trader

When asked about the most important attribute of becoming a good trader, Nathan highlights the importance of diverging from the crowd, being a natural risk-taker, and the willingness to make endless sacrifices for one’s dreams. This approach points to the necessity of independent thinking and a fearless attitude in the often uncertain world of trading.

Nathan’s advice to beginners is straightforward yet profound. He suggests steering clear of the often misleading and sensationalized world of social media. He warns about the time, effort, and financial investment required in the trading journey, emphasizing that it is not an easy path to navigate. This advice is grounded in the reality of the challenges faced in the early stages of a trading career.

In his view, the biggest mistake new traders make is funding real live money accounts from their bank without adequate preparation or understanding of the risks involved. This observation speaks to the common pitfall of rushing into live trading without sufficient experience or strategy.

A Quote to Live By: Embracing Challenges

One quote that resonates deeply with Nathan and encapsulates his approach to challenges is:

“When someone says you can’t do something, do it twice and take pictures.”

This quote reflects his defiant attitude towards naysayers and his determination to prove doubters wrong, not just through words but through decisive action and demonstrable success.

Learning from the Best

For further inspiration and learning, Nathan recommends exploring the works of Anton Kriel, a renowned figure in the trading world. Kriel’s insights and teachings can offer valuable perspectives and strategies to traders at various stages of their journey, providing both practical advice and motivational guidance.

Nathan’s journey and insights provide a powerful source of motivation and guidance for other traders in the E8 community. His emphasis on emotional intelligence, self-belief, and the courage to defy convention and embrace sacrifice paint a realistic yet inspiring picture of what it takes to succeed in the dynamic and challenging world of trading.

The E8 Experience: Triumphs and Challenges

E8’s Interface and Rules: A Trader’s Perspective

Nathan’s journey with E8 Funding began with a simple Google search. His decision to choose E8 was influenced by these trading rules, which he found to be superior to others available in the market.

The aspect of E8 Funding that Nathan appreciates the most is the design of the dashboard and the firm’s rules. This appreciation highlights the importance of user experience and clear, effective trading guidelines in the trading space.

Achieving Significant Earnings with E8

So far, Nathan has made a significant sum of $68,868 with E8, an impressive feat considering he invested $16,962 to attain this level of payout. This substantial earning is a testament to his skill as a trader and the opportunities provided by E8’s platform.

Nathan Payouts

Reflecting on the evaluation process, Nathan pointed out that the most challenging part was Phase 1, which involves hitting a 8% target. He notes that striving for such high percentage gains can be tough, especially when there’s no immediate reward tied to achieving them.

Advice for Aspiring E8 Traders: Patience and Persistence

For traders attempting the E8 challenge, Nathan’s advice is to take their time and not rush the process. He reassures them that the opportunity provided by E8 is not fleeting and emphasizes the importance of a measured and steady approach to the challenge.

Passing the E8 Challenge has been a life-changing experience for Nathan. It has not only boosted his financial earnings but also likely contributed to his growth and confidence as a trader.

Resilience Rewarded: Nathan’s Trading Victory

Nathan’s trading journey, marked by determination and strategic growth, illustrates the power of resilience in the forex market. His success with E8 Funding, achieved through dedication and adaptability, serves as a motivating example for aspiring traders, demonstrating that with persistence, the right approach, and a supportive platform, trading success is within reach.

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