Vijayas $100K Journey with E8: Full Story

16 Jan, 2024

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Vijayas $100K Journey with E8: Full Story

In our latest Interviews with E8 Traders series, we’re pleased to introduce Vijaya, a 33-year-old trader from India. His story is not just about trading but is a blend of professional success and a deep-seated passion for the financial markets.

Vijaya’s journey into trading is a story of passion ignited in his youth. Fascinated by the world of stock trading portrayed in Hollywood movies, his curiosity was piqued during the global financial crisis at the age of 18. This led him to delve deeper into the market, moving from reading newspapers to exploring books, attending seminars, and eventually leveraging online resources like YouTube. His first step into practical trading began at 23 with his first paycheck, marking the start of a lifelong engagement with the markets.

Lifestyle and Achievements

Outside of his professional life, Vijaya is an avid sports enthusiast, enjoying cricket, badminton, Formula 1, and football. His exceptional work ethic is not just limited to his corporate role, where he was recognized as an outstanding employee for three years in a row, but also extends to his trading endeavors. He proudly mentions that his trading achievements are comparable to his corporate successes.

Overcoming Trading Challenges

Vijaya points out that a significant challenge in trading is the limitation of capital. He emphasizes the importance of having a substantial capital base to match the dedication and time invested in trading, an obstacle common among retail traders.

Vijaya’s story is a vivid illustration of how passion, combined with relentless learning, can pave the way for success in both the corporate and trading worlds. His journey from a curious teenager to a professional trader is a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to pursue their passions alongside their professional career.

Vijaya’s Trading Approach: Blending Analysis with Intuition

Vijaya is primarily a day trader, occasionally delving into swing trading, with his positions usually not exceeding a week. His trading style is a sophisticated blend of various analytical approaches, including fundamental, technical, quantitative, scenario, and sentimental/psychological analysis. He emphasizes the use of self-drawn supply and demand lines for clarity and incorporates Fibonacci tools in his charts, regardless of the timeframe.

He relies on TradingView for chart analysis, preferring to manually calculate stop losses and risk-reward ratios. Vijaya’s trading philosophy is centered on mastery of a single strategy, advocating focus over-diversification in trading approaches.

Market Preferences & Risk Management

Focusing mainly on Forex and commodities, Vijaya avoids indices and cryptocurrencies. He advises traders to specialize in a single pair and analyze it in relation to global economic news, offering a practical way to understand market movements and economic impacts.

For risk management, Vijaya recommends limiting risk to a maximum of 2% per trade. He advocates for a balanced approach to risk-reward ratios, underscoring the significance of a strategy’s 50% win rate. To manage emotions, especially in losing trades, he advises setting a daily loss limit and avoiding the fear of missing out (FOMO), drawing on his expertise as a psychological coach.

Vijaya’s Trading Setup

His trading setup is notably minimalist, utilizing just a laptop for analysis and a mobile device for executing trades, reflecting his focus on simplicity and efficiency.

Vijaya’s Wisdom: Trading Tips and Inspirations

Vijaya’s inspiration for trading comes from the motivation to excel and the sense of accomplishment it brings. He values trading for the independence it offers, allowing one to be their own boss, make decisions, and navigate the markets on their own terms.

The cornerstone of enduring success in trading, according to Vijaya, is managing emotions and thinking rationally under pressure. He underscores the importance of self-awareness and seeking professional guidance for emotional control when necessary.

Essential Attributes for a Good Trader

Sticking to a well-defined approach and accepting losses are critical attributes Vijaya views for being a successful trader. He emphasizes the importance of having a consistent strategy and the ability to handle losses effectively.

His advice to beginners is straightforward: prioritize learning over earning. Vijaya firmly believes in the principle of “Learn to Earn,” advocating for a strong foundation of knowledge before expecting financial gains.

Vijaya recommends focusing on resources that help control emotions, such as books, articles, seminars, or videos. He advocates for real trading experience over demo accounts, as real trades better test and develop a trader’s emotional resilience and decision-making skills.

E8 Through Vijaya’s Eyes: A Trader’s Review

Vijaya’s introduction to E8 Funding came through a recommendation in a Telegram group. This discovery marked the beginning of a significant phase in his trading career, addressing his need for more trading capital.

His decision to partner with E8 Funding was driven by his past experiences with other companies. He was drawn to E8’s commitment to its traders and the reputation for reliability in rewarding them.

Life-Changing Experience

Vijaya has achieved remarkable success with E8 Funding, earning roughly $100,000. His advice to traders attempting the E8 challenge is straightforward: trade ethically. He believes that ethical trading is key to a positive experience with E8.

Finally, Vijaya shares that his successful journey with E8 Funding has been life-changing, underscoring the profound impact that the right trading environment can have on a trader’s career and life.

Vijaya’s experience with E8 Funding is an example of how strategic thinking, ethical trading, and resilience can lead to substantial success in the trading world. His journey and insights are a valuable guide for aspiring traders alike, emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded approach to achieving success in trading.

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