E8 One: One-Phase Evaluation & Payouts On Demand

14 May, 2024

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E8 One: One-Phase Evaluation & Payouts On Demand

For aspiring traders, the journey to becoming an E8 Trader can often feel like a long and winding road. Multiple evaluations, waiting periods, and limited payout options can all create obstacles on the path to success. E8 Markets, a company dedicated to empowering traders, has listened to these concerns and responded with a game-changing solution: the E8 One account. This innovative account eliminates the multi-phase evaluation, introduces payouts on demand, and opens a direct, streamlined path to achieving your trading dreams.

E8 One isn’t just another trading account. It’s a comprehensive solution designed with your feedback in mind. Here’s what it brings:

Payouts on Demand: Flexibility and Control

E8 One introduces a unique “Payout on Demand” feature, providing traders with unprecedented flexibility and control over their earnings. Traders can request payouts anytime they want, in any amount, and as often as they like. This level of flexibility is a game-changer, empowering traders to manage their E8 Trader accounts according to their individual needs and preferences. The only requirement to request a payout is to trade consistently according to the 50% best-day rule.

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One-Phase Evaluation: Your Shortcut to Success

The most significant advantage of the E8 One account is its one-phase evaluation. Unlike other accounts that require multiple evaluation steps, E8 One allows traders to achieve E8 Trader status in just one phase. This streamlined process accelerates their journey to earning payouts.

10/4/6 Objectives: Clear Goals for Success

To qualify for E8 Trader status, traders must achieve a 10% profit while adhering to a 4% daily drawdown limit value and a 6% relative drawdown. The daily drawdown limit is calculated as 4% of your initial account balance. You can find out more about the Daily Maximum Loss and Relative Drawdown Calculations, including examples, in our FAQ.

No Profit Cap: Unleash Your Potential

Unlike the E8 Pro account, which on the other hand has a daily pause feature, the E8 One account has no profit cap. This means that traders have unlimited potential for profit, allowing them to maximize their earnings without any restrictions.

E8 One: Account Pricing Options

With all these powerful features and benefits, the E8 One account is also surprisingly affordable. E8 Markets believes that everyone should have access to these trading opportunities, regardless of their budget. That’s why we offer a range of account sizes with accessible pricing:

$5,000 E8 One Account: $48
$10,000 E8 One Account: $88
$25,000 E8 One Account: $188
$50,000 E8 One Account: $288
$100,000 E8 One Account: $488

This flexible pricing structure ensures that you can choose the account size that best suits your needs and goals. With such affordable options, there’s no reason not to start your trading journey with E8 One today.

Take the Next Step with E8 One

E8 Markets is committed to providing aspiring traders with the tools and resources they need to succeed. The E8 One account is a testament to this commitment, offering a simplified path to earning real payouts with unparalleled flexibility and control.

If you’re ready to take your trading journey to the next level, we encourage you to learn more about the E8 One account and sign up today. Visit our website or contact our customer support team for more information.

E8 Markets: Empowering Traders, One Step at a Time

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